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Islam The True Religion

All prophets from Adam to Muhammad were on the religion of Islam before and after prophethood.

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Shaykh ^Abdullah Al-Harariyy

A renowned scholar that dedicated his life in spreading the true Islamic Creed since a young age.

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Islamic Lessons Timetable

Enlighten your heart and strengthen your belief with captivating Islamic classes that entail textual and intellectual proof.

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Dr Al-Shelh Awarded OAM

Bankstown's Dr Al-Shelh was awarded his OAM for service to the community and youth. He has been president of the Office of Islamic Charity Projects Association since 2004.

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Islamic Quotes

The Prophet (peace be upon him) made apparent the elements of brotherhood by saying: <<Beware of thinking ill of your brothers, for that can be - in most cases - to the contrary of the truth, do not chase their defects, do not spy on them, do not con them into buying something, do not envy them, do not show hatred towards them and do not take them as foes, rather, be brothers in obedience to Allah>>.

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