Sydney, Australia
In 1989, a dedicated team of men and women united by their sincere concern towards the general Australian community. With the primary aim of enriching Australia’s multicultural face, this devoted team successfully established ICPA as an incorporated organisation in 1991. Over the years, the ICPA has evolved into its crucial position of providing a multitude of services correlating the Australian culture and departmental perspectives into the culturally accepted understandings of the Islamic and Arabic community.

In effectively aiding the cohesion of Australia’s diverse cultural concepts, the ICPA perseveres in its contribution as a strong hand and one of the leading Islamic organisations in Sydney. Established with ideal goals through the dedication and expertise of its growing number of staff executives and members, as well as its many divisions exerting a manifold of services, the ICPA is renowned as an aspirant contributor to the Australian community.
Clearly, ICPA continues to exert all efforts in maintaining a productive part in the awakening of modern ideals. Playing a major role in the harmonious multicultural society of Australia throughout its members and within its institutions, the ICPA has warned against acts of extremism especially those undertaken before and after 9/11, in the United States, Bali, Madrid and Moscow. ICPA will continue to stand for education and awareness against all extremists and terrorist sects that pervert our society.
The aims and goals of ICPA are enriched with the objectives of a harmonious multicultural society that coincides with the paradigms of sincere Australians. ICPA will proudly continue to harvest its progress on the same platform of moderation and understanding.

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